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  • Setups: includes adjustment of truss-rod, action and intonation, saddle and nut slot height and width, fret level and polish, pickup heights, polishing and oiling fretboards, adjusting/replacing machine heads, cleaning of electricals, and, of course, strings (extra).

  • Repairs to damaged necks, headstocks, bodies and bracing. Removal and repair or replacement of tops and backs. We can also do a complete strip and re-build/re-lacquer.

  • Fret Work: shaving, crowning, polishing, replacement.

  • Nut/Saddle/Bridge: adjustment and/or removal/replacement.

  • Wiring: all types of guitar wiring including pickup, pots, socket and preamp replacement, troubleshooting electrical problems.

Set-Up/Repair and Service Pricing

The following prices do not include GST, parts, strings, etc.

Minimum Charge - $50


Fret re-crown - $120 plus Set-up

Full Re-fret - $400 plus Set-up

Loose/broken Braces - $50 1st Brace, $25/Brace thereafter

Bridge Repair/Replacement - $120 plus Set-up

Broken Headstock repair - $150 plus Set-up

New, hand carved/shaped, bone nut and saddle$90

AP5 Original Pre-amp retrofit - $480 (plus Set-up if required)

AP5 Pro Pre-amp retrofit - $550 (plus Set-up if required)

All other work is by individual quotation.

N.B. Your local music store is available if you just want your strings changed.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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